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Where the YouTube lessons focus on specific licks, fills or grooves, the MasterClass lessons are more about tools and techniques that can be applied to ANYTHING.  They cover the concepts that I use to work on my own playing and to help students with difficulties that they're facing.

There are over 14 hours of in depth lessons in the MasterClass.  Some of the topics covered are:

* practice session suggestions
* hand technique
* application of polyrhythms and odd note groupings in grooves and fills
* playing in odd time signatures
* develop grooves and fills in odd time signatures
* cool licks
* soloing in a groove
* soloing over an ostinato
* ideas for developing creativity
* posture and balance
* body motion
* technique
* togetherness
* interdependence
* bass drum technique (heel up and heel down)
* kit set up
* groove
* counting and singing
* control and consistency
* accuracy
* dynamic control
* ghost notes
* ergonomics


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MasterClass News...

New Software

I just wrote a new piece of software for dealing specifically with the Rhythmic Scale and PolyRhythms.  It's not as complex as OctopuSequencer, but it's very useful.  Check it out on the Software Page


Learn an entire solo note for note.  It's a pretty awesome solo too!

The SoloWorkshop is the most in depth drum lesson you can take.  I'll walk you through the entire process of learning a solo note for note.  You'll be learning along with me - so I won't leave anything out.

Each solo I tackle will be broken down into manageable chunks.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if it takes me 2 hours to learn the first 12 bars, then the first 2 hour lesson will teach you the first 12 bars.  There's no rush.  The goal here is to get as much out of each solo as possible.

Check out the SoloWorkshop in the store

YouTube Lessons

There are over 80 free drum lessons available on my YouTube Channel

I try to add new ones frequently.  

The best way to keep up to date with new lessons is to SUBSCRIBE when you get to the YouTube page, and FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK!

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