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Price: $34.95

RhythMachine is a tool to generate random rhythms/pitches within set parameters for creative inspiration and ear training.
  • Play a groove along to the click and have the Rhythm Machine present you with 'x' beats of a random pattern for you to figure out and play on the kit (see an example)
  • Select from permutations from quarter notes through to 32nd notes (including quintuplets).
  • Have it play random notes from specified chords for ear training on a pitched instrument.
  • Have it generate random chord sequences and try to play along.

You can do all that and more with the Rhythm Machine.

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RhythMachine is the ultimate tool for inspiring creativity and challenging your aural skills

  • RhythMachine generates rhythms, grooves, fills, chord sequences and melodies based on your settings.
  • Generate rhythms then play them back until you can copy them
  • Perfect for improving your aural rhythm and melody skills
  • Play melodic 'stabs' which you can try and phrase with
  • Create interesting linear grooves combining 16ths, triplets and quintuplets
  • The possibilities are almost endless

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