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Introducing PYRAMID.PYRAMID was written for anyone who wants to learn to play more interesting subdivisions than multiples of 3 and 4.
Pyramid of time

If you've ever seen a drum book with a Pyramid of Time or Rhythmic Scale in it, that's what this is based on. It allows you to type in a list of rates that will be played sequentially. If you type:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

You'll hear a bar of whole notes, a bar of half notes, a bar of quarter note triplets, etc.

Learn Polyrhythms

You can also use PYRAMID to hear all the different polyrhytm combinations by changing the Click Rate.

The Click Rate field lets you specify how many clicks should be heard per beat.  If you set it to 3 then when it plays you'll hear 3 vs 1, then 3 vs 2, then 3 vs 3, then 3 vs 4, etc all the way up to 3 vs 16. 

Change the Click Rate to 5 and you'll hear all the polyrhythms of 5 vs ....


Choose how the rates should be played.PYRAMID allows you to specify stickings and accent groups to determine how the rates should be played.

You can specify custom accent patterns for the output of PYRAMID. Want to hear quintuplets played over quarter notes with every third quintuplet accented? No problem.


PYRAMID lets you specify different sounds for the left and right hands. You can then select a sticking from a drop down or specify your own. Combine the stickings with the accents to hear how a paradiddle sounds when you accent every 5th note.

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PYRAMID is designed for the easy learning of PolyRhythms and all rates between 1 and 32 notes per beat.
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