Yes Man revisited… some inspiring tales

So I finished reading Yes Man for the second time on the flight back from Japan.  It's 6 years since I read it last so I'd forgotten a lot of the details.  I thoroughly enjoyed it second time around and it re-inspired me. I got up yesterday at 5am Japanese time (Japan is 8 hours ahead of UK so that's 11pm UK time.)  The journey to the airport, hanging around, and the 12 hour flight resulted in landing at Heathrow at 3pm UK time.  I'd managed to sleep for about 90 minutes on the plane.  Then Read more [...]

The Book That Changed My Life…

Back in 2004 I moved to London to try and make a career out of drumming.  I auditioned for various bands, found a function band to join to pay the bills, and did bits of online session work here and there.  After a while my life started to become a bit mundane and the excitement of moving to London had worn off. In December 2005 (I just looked it up on Amazon) I bought the book Yes Man by Danny Wallace (check it out on or  The night I finished reading it I was sitting Read more [...]


I haven't had chance lately to add any new lesson videos. I invested in a Mac about a month ago and it's brilliant, but I now have to learn to use different editing software. Anyway, I'm hoping to have something new up before I head off on tour.In the meantime I'm adding a few posts about things that have inspired me on my 27 year journey. Of all the books I've read "Yes Man" by Danny Wallace has probably had the most impact. After reading of the adventures he had that followed him simply saying Read more [...]