10 Of My Favourite Things (in no particular order)

It's been way too long since I last posted on here.  I've been really busy recording new VIP lessons and more recently I've been spending every waking hour adding features to PolyNome I'm currently at the end of a month long US tour and I wanted to share with you the things that have made my life easier when setting up and playing.  It's little things like these that make touring more pleasurable.  Something as simple as a quick-lock hi-hat clutch saves a couple of minutes a day with packing Read more [...]

The Kelly Shu kick mic mounting system

If you usually mic the kick drum through a hole in the head with a short mic stand maybe you've experienced some of the same problems I have... - the singer kicks the stand and knocks it out of place - it's a shitty stand that keeps drooping - the mic suddenly swivels round in the middle of the gig - the vibrations from the stage get picked up by the mic - the venue doesn't have an appropriate stand Out of all the things that could go wrong in a gig, these were the most common problems. Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 15 : On complaining and performing

What is my job? I play drums for 2 hours every night. Well, every night that I have a gig. Sometimes I enjoy it, other times I really don't. What makes the difference between a good and a bad gig? I suppose it's whether I feel like I'm making good music. Other things come into consideration too. Playing to 20,000 people in a stadium is quite different to playing to 30 people in a bar. I've done both. Is one better than the other? It depends how you look at it. Personally there are things that can Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 11 : Technique in Context

I had a gig last night.  Another gig.  That's 8 since starting this US tour just over a week ago, and about 70 since the beginning of this year.  There are some songs which we've played at every gig.  That's a lot of practice, and yet there are still things that I struggle with and have to make mental notes to work on when I get back in the practice room. Sometimes I start trying to change my technique mid gig.  On occasions it seems to help, other times it just makes me more Read more [...]

What’s been going on?

I seem to have neglected my website in recent months but have been very active posting blogs on the Wishbone Ash site (www.wishboneash.com/blog.asp).Today was a day off.  I haven't left the hotel.  Instead I spent all day in front of my laptop updating my website.  I've added the "Ask Joe" page to answer any questions you might have.  There's no navigation link at the moment but you can get there via the link on the main page. Touring has been full on Read more [...]