How We Learn, and What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

"Call supposed to kill help the URL something requires the same skills are supposed to be good at which means if you absolutely hopeless INMAC exactly the schools that you need to know that you're absolutely home" - John Cleese (transcribed by Siri) What the f&*k am I talking about? There's a model of learning which involves four stages of competence.  It's supposed to represent the stages we go through when learning a new skill. The first Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 8 : On Music as a Business

Ken Brown commented on my previous post saying "Have you thought of putting out more thoughts of 'music as a business'. Too many younger hopefuls believe it's all after show parties, loose women and sleeping in to 3pm." So, Ken, I'll let my fingers do the typing and see what my thoughts on "music as a business" turn out to be.  Here we go…My early years as a drummer were highly influenced by a few DCI music videos that I owned.  The three most influential Read more [...]