Real Magic And The Illusion Of Genius

Before you continue reading I want you to think of a card.  Any card.  Remember your choice and read on... Have you ever seen David Blaine on TV.  He asks someone to just "think" of a card then proceeds to name it out loud to the astonishment of everyone watching.  That must be real magic! Assuming the person isn't a stooge, and they are truly amazed at the fact that Mr Blaine has just read their mind, what's one way that this could have been done that doesn't require any special skills Read more [...]

How To Remove The Stress From Learning

I recently decided to tackle learning to cook.  For years I've said I'm not bothered about cooking, or that I'm no good at it (see previous article).  The biggest challenge I have is motivating myself to stick at it. I've begun to analyse what it is that stops me from tackling this.  I've come to a few conclusions about how to make this process enjoyable. 1. Re-frame the topic If I think of cooking as something that stresses me out (which it usually does) then it's hard to convince myself Read more [...]

How to make drastic improvements to your drumming in 2 hours!

These are the kind of headlines people use for blogs all over the internet. Remember the days when you had to go out to a record shop if you wanted to buy a new album? Maybe the shop didn't have it so you'd have to order it and wait a week. Now you can buy it on iTunes almost instantaneously, or just find it on youtube. If you want a physical CD you can order it on Amazon and have it in your hands the next morning. We've come to expect instant delivery of what we want, and subconsciously it feels Read more [...]

What Gear to Get and in What Order: Part 1

Subscribe in a reader to be notified when new articles are added to the blog Products recommended: Zoom Q3HD (check it out on or Foldable Tripod ( or 3m Mini HDMI to HDMI lead ( or Accessory Pack (with power supply for Zoom) ( or ASUS Monitor with HDMI input ( or Note: Though I list a variety of reasons for preferring the Zoom in the video above (cost, Read more [...]