Kit and Gear set up for the UK Wishbone Ash tour

Here's the set up I'm using for the current tour. The drums are Sonor Force 3007.  I believe they've been superseded now.  Sonor's mid-range drums are great though.  I'm very happy with the kit. The cymbals are Zildjian A Customs. My kick pedal is the Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal.  I'm a big fan of this pedal, though a lot of people don't like how light it feels to play.  That's perhaps just the way I have it set up though. The snare Read more [...]

What’s been going on?

I seem to have neglected my website in recent months but have been very active posting blogs on the Wishbone Ash site ( was a day off.  I haven't left the hotel.  Instead I spent all day in front of my laptop updating my website.  I've added the "Ask Joe" page to answer any questions you might have.  There's no navigation link at the moment but you can get there via the link on the main page. Touring has been full on Read more [...]