Developing Bass Drum Control – Technique Notes

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the first in the series on Bass Drum Control.  More videos will be added soon.  Like the Facebook page, subscribe to my RSS feed, or get a free MasterClass account to be notified of new videos when they're posted. One thing I'd love to master is the ability to play bursts of 3 or more notes on the kick with confidence and accuracy.  My right foot is the weakest element in most grooves that I play and I think it's about time I paid more attention to it.  I've been working Read more [...]

New videos on the blog first…

From now on I'll be posting new YouTube videos here first.  If you want to keep up to date with the latest posts then you can subscribe via RSS or follow me on Facebook If you enjoy the content and know other people who you think might like it too, then please 'like' things on Facebook and pass the message on in any other ways you can think of. Thanks, Joe Read more [...]

A Lick A Day…

Ok, I've no idea whether I'll be able to keep this up, but it's quite easy for me to post photos to this blog.  In an attempt to be more creative I'm going to try and invent a new fill or groove or idea every day and post it here.  I'll draw it on whatever is handy, take a photo with my iPhone, and upload it. It'll require me to have an internet connection, so they may not be here every day, but I'll do my best to get things up when I can.If you like these blog Read more [...]

New Drum Lessons Online

I've had about a week between tours and I've been very busy recording and editing new drum videos.  They're now all up on my youtube channel (I wish I'd named it better 🙂 If you like the videos please subscribe to the channel - it helps to get the videos noticed.  Also, feel free to embed the lessons anywhere you like and spread the word on forums or whatever.  I appreciate any efforts to get the lessons out into the big wide world. I've Read more [...]