Hand Technique Part 8

In this video I''m working on finger control, allowing the stick to bounce, and accuracy with switching between different rates. I use PYRAMID to help me gauge my accuracy.  I've started a Facebook page for PYRAMID if you want to keep up with the latest updates.  You'll find it at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pyramid-Polyrhythmic-Metronome/121033404673044 I also created a Facebook page for OctopuSequencer at http://www.facebook.com/octopusequencer.  Again, I'll be posting the latest developments Read more [...]

Learning the Rhythmic Scale with PYRAMID

Most drummers are aware of quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes and their relevant triplets.  If you're a little more advanced you may have also come across the idea of playing divisions that fall in between those. It's fun to learn to play at all the different rates and have them available in your arsenal of chops.  I have to say that I use them very little, but I still enjoy practicing them as an aid to improving my sense of space within a beat. Recently I spent a whole day writing a piece Read more [...]