Play like John Bonham!

Out of the thousands of drummers that have graced the earth there are only a few with a sound so distinctive that you can recognise them instantly. Out of those few you can probably count on one hand the ones that non-drummers will have heard of. We're pretty much talking Ringo, Keith Moon, Phil Collins, Stewart Copland and John Bonham.All the rest of them are drummer's drummers. I love Vinnie Coliuta, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, etc. etc. but they're pretty much outside the radar of non-drummers. Read more [...]

Hearing Protection

Getting the in ear monitors(view gallery) Since early on in my drumming career I've been a big promoter of looking after your ears. Behind a drum kit it's very easy to wreck your hearing on a single gig. I know so many 'macho' musicians who complain about the sound degradation when wearing ear plugs and I know what they mean, but I also know many musicians with tinnitus (a constant ringing or white noise) and once they have it they regret not being more careful.Today Andy and I drove over Read more [...]