What Gear to Get and in What Order: Part 1

Subscribe in a reader to be notified when new articles are added to the blog Products recommended: Zoom Q3HD (check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) Foldable Tripod (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) 3m Mini HDMI to HDMI lead (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) Accessory Pack (with power supply for Zoom) (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) ASUS Monitor with HDMI input (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk) Note: Though I list a variety of reasons for preferring the Zoom in the video above (cost, Read more [...]

Peter Erskine

I recently bought the DVD 'Everything is Time Keeping' by Peter Erskine. It's both of his VHS videos from the 90s on a single DVD. I owned his first VHS and had seen parts of his econd one. It's great to see it all again. His feel and musicality is phenomenal and he has such great advice.  I can see it on the US Amazon site - for some reason listed as a hardback (though it says DVD in the description) Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 11 : Technique in Context

I had a gig last night.  Another gig.  That's 8 since starting this US tour just over a week ago, and about 70 since the beginning of this year.  There are some songs which we've played at every gig.  That's a lot of practice, and yet there are still things that I struggle with and have to make mental notes to work on when I get back in the practice room. Sometimes I start trying to change my technique mid gig.  On occasions it seems to help, other times it just makes me more Read more [...]