Lessons from the road…

I've been recording every gig on this tour and listening to the recording on the journey to the next gig. I always find that when I'm disciplined enough to do this regularly I learn a lot about how I can improve my playing.  While you're actually playing the gig there are so many things to think about and it's very difficult to know if how it feels or sounds in your head is how it feels and sounds to the audience.  Recording the gig is a great way to know... I want to talk about three particular Read more [...]

Kit and Gear set up for the UK Wishbone Ash tour

Here's the set up I'm using for the current tour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR20u603YNI The drums are Sonor Force 3007.  I believe they've been superseded now.  Sonor's mid-range drums are great though.  I'm very happy with the kit. The cymbals are Zildjian A Customs. My kick pedal is the Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal.  I'm a big fan of this pedal, though a lot of people don't like how light it feels to play.  That's perhaps just the way I have it set up though. The snare Read more [...]