In-Ear Monitoring and the Holy Grail!

When I was 12, I watched Gregg Bissonnette's Private Lesson video.  He made a big deal (and rightly so) about always wearing earplugs.  You only get one pair of ears and when you lose parts of your hearing they’re gone forever. I know so many musicians with tinnitus or other permanent hearing damage and it's not something I want to acquire. Since that time, I can only recall two occasions where I've played the drums without some kind of hearing protection. The first was a function gig Read more [...]

I’m now a columnist in DrumHead magazine!

So I just received the new issue of DrumHead magazine which features the new regular column 'Joe Knows'.  This month it's a 4 page article on quintuplet rolls Vinnie style! DrumHead has been my favourite drum magazine since I first saw it in Borders in New York 4 years ago.  The quality of the interviews and tutorials is far better than the competition.  It's well worth checking out. I now have to figure out what to write for the next issue! J Read more [...]

The best metronome in the world! UPDATE – Now Available

Ok, so I'm a little biased as this is my baby. A few years ago, after taking some lessons in New York, I was inspired to create some software.  I originally figured it would be for the iPhone but I had no idea where to start learning to code for iPhone.  I ended up writing software for PC/Mac which has turned into OctopuSequencer, RhythMachine and Pyramid. I decided that Pyramid would be a great tool to have on the iPhone so recently I teamed up with Lucas Ives and we've developed PolyNome Read more [...]

The Rhythm Machine

In March I went to New York and took some lessons with Billy Ward and Robby Ameen. One of the things Billy got me to do was play a groove then begin to gradually embellish it without losing the basic underlying groove. He specifically wanted me to hear in my head what I wanted to hear on the kit BEFORE I played it - rather than just throwing my arms around and hoping for the best.At one point he came over to me and started singing rhythmic phrases for me to try and implement. This was his way Read more [...]