Why You Need A Website (and how to have your own in under 5 minutes)


Do you already have a website? If not, is it because it seems like it would be too stressful/time consuming/expensive? It really isn't - I'll show you. In case you need convincing about taking the leap... This post contains sponsored links from Bluehost.   Here's why I think having a website is such a great thing NOTE: if you don't want to read all this, just check out the video at the bottom of the post. 1. You get your own email address Yes, I know it's all about Read more [...]

The Book That Changed My Life…

Back in 2004 I moved to London to try and make a career out of drumming.  I auditioned for various bands, found a function band to join to pay the bills, and did bits of online session work here and there.  After a while my life started to become a bit mundane and the excitement of moving to London had worn off. In December 2005 (I just looked it up on Amazon) I bought the book Yes Man by Danny Wallace (check it out on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk).  The night I finished reading it I was sitting Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 8 : On Music as a Business

Ken Brown commented on my previous post saying "Have you thought of putting out more thoughts of 'music as a business'. Too many younger hopefuls believe it's all after show parties, loose women and sleeping in to 3pm." So, Ken, I'll let my fingers do the typing and see what my thoughts on "music as a business" turn out to be.  Here we go…My early years as a drummer were highly influenced by a few DCI music videos that I owned.  The three most influential Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 7 (Day 6 continued)

... So, I joined the David Cross Band.  There was never really any money in it, but they had a couple of gigs in Japan planned for 6 months down the line.  We rehearsed every Tuesday at a University in London.  I played the crappy music room kit and they keyboard player used a tiny toy keyboard.  It wasn't quite as pro as I'd expected.  Of course, later on we rehearsed properly, but the toy instruments were sufficient for getting the songs in our heads. Even before the Japan gig arrived Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 6

I got up at 7am this morning (early for a musician!), forced down some breakfast, and got a lift to the airport.  I checked my slightly over-weight suitcase and lugged my carry on bag through security.  I had to empty it of my laptop and a full set of drum mics which, to the non-musician, look fairly suspicious. When boarding I was pulled aside again and my bag was searched for a second time.  When I finally made it onto the plane, a bit tired and grumpy, it was a pleasant surprise to discover Read more [...]