You Can Do It

I watched a great Sean Penn movie the other day.  There's a line in it where he says to his wife "I think I'm depressed".  Her reply is "maybe you're confusing depression with boredom." It got me thinking about learning.  A lot of people say "I'm no good at drumming" when what they really mean is "I don't enjoy drumming".  Or at least "when I've tried to drum I haven't enjoyed it". Why do I say that?  Because I believe that anybody, with the right instruction, could learn to play the drums Read more [...]

750 words – Day 1

So, what if I start using these 750 words to write down some of my ideas? Perhaps on getting better at the drums. I know, for example, that it requires the application of time, and attention. The time being the sitting and playing and trying to make things do what I want, and the attention being the stepping back, analysing, and checking that I'm applying the time to the right things. You don't want to spend a week of solid practice working on something only to realise at the end of it Read more [...]