In-Ear Monitoring and the Holy Grail!

When I was 12, I watched Gregg Bissonnette's Private Lesson video.  He made a big deal (and rightly so) about always wearing earplugs.  You only get one pair of ears and when you lose parts of your hearing they’re gone forever. I know so many musicians with tinnitus or other permanent hearing damage and it's not something I want to acquire. Since that time, I can only recall two occasions where I've played the drums without some kind of hearing protection. The first was a function gig Read more [...]

New for 2007

At the start of this year I had no idea what I'd be doing this year. Functions always dry up after christmas and I didn't have a lot of Pendragon gigs in.I ended up teaching quite a lot at ACM. I really enjoy the opportunity to pass on what I can to enthusiastic drummers. I've also enjoyed creating the online drumming lessons. More of those to come as soon as I have time.The bigger news is that I've joined Wishbone Ash. I spent the last 2 weeks just outside Helsinki in Finland recording a new Read more [...]