Great DVD for Hand Technique

Today Tommy Igoe's DVD - Great Hands for a Lifetime turned up in the post (check it out on or I've been thinking about doing some more in-depth lessons on hand technique in the MasterClass but it seemed like there were already some great products out there. I can highly recommend Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer ( | when it comes to learning all about different hand techniques, but it's almost too advanced and it's easy to Read more [...]

Peter Erskine

I recently bought the DVD 'Everything is Time Keeping' by Peter Erskine. It's both of his VHS videos from the 90s on a single DVD. I owned his first VHS and had seen parts of his econd one. It's great to see it all again. His feel and musicality is phenomenal and he has such great advice.  I can see it on the US Amazon site - for some reason listed as a hardback (though it says DVD in the description) Read more [...]

6-way independence

(view gallery) Remember those Deely-Bobbers - headbands with springs and little balls that looked like antennae? What if you attached drumsticks to the springs? That would give you two more sticks to play with. You know Thomas Lang will be doing it on his next DVD but remember where you heard it first. Read more [...]

New Pendragon DVD

The Wishbone Ash tour has come to an end. We have a few festivals in August then another UK tour begins in October. You can check my gig dates here . If you can make it to any of the gigs please come and say hello.Last year I recorded a 21st Anniversary DVD with Pendragon. I really enjoyed playing this material and the DVD came out pretty well. You can find out more on the Pendragon website Read more [...]