In-Ear Monitoring and the Holy Grail!

When I was 12, I watched Gregg Bissonnette's Private Lesson video.  He made a big deal (and rightly so) about always wearing earplugs.  You only get one pair of ears and when you lose parts of your hearing they’re gone forever. I know so many musicians with tinnitus or other permanent hearing damage and it's not something I want to acquire. Since that time, I can only recall two occasions where I've played the drums without some kind of hearing protection. The first was a function gig Read more [...]

Want to know what I practice? Come and watch…

(Note: This is now happening at've been working on a Dennis Chambers lick that I've struggled withfor a long time. I was thinking of doing a YouTube video on it, butfirst I had to be able to play it myself. I started going through myusual steps in trying to learn something. Each was a new exercisethat required some time for me to be able to play it. As I was comingup with these exercises I was making mental notes of them so I couldinclude them in the instructional video. Read more [...]

750 words – Day 10 : Playing What You Mean and On Meaning What You Play

I remember one of the first times I ever played drums in a band setting.  I was probably 12, or 13, and my dad took me over to a room where his friend's son's band was rehearsing.  They were a few years older than me and did gigs.  I was quite nervous.  In fact, I'd been asked a year earlier if I wanted to go and sit in with a band and I'd turned down the opportunity as it had seemed too scary! When I arrived everyone was very nice.  They let me sit in and play a few songs.  Read more [...]