How to get better at what you do

I think I'm right in saying that most drummers would like to be better than they are, and we'd all like to know how to improve. It seems to me that there are two main factors to improving. * information * implementation of that information Information When my first drum teacher began playing the drums he could learn from other teachers, by watching drummers play in bands, by listening to records, or from books. Access to all of these things was limited by geography, finances and availability. By Read more [...]

How should you set up your kit?

I get asked a lot about where's the best place to put your drums and your cymbals.  I think the assumption is that I feel comfortable behind my kit - which is actually rarely the case. Over the configuration of my kit has changed again and again.  I'm fairly traditional in that my set up is usually pretty basic.  I've done the thing of copying set ups in drum catalogs and magazines.  I've had my ride cymbal almost vertical and in my face like my favourite drummers did in the 90s.  I've had Read more [...]

Kit and Gear set up for the UK Wishbone Ash tour

Here's the set up I'm using for the current tour. The drums are Sonor Force 3007.  I believe they've been superseded now.  Sonor's mid-range drums are great though.  I'm very happy with the kit. The cymbals are Zildjian A Customs. My kick pedal is the Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal.  I'm a big fan of this pedal, though a lot of people don't like how light it feels to play.  That's perhaps just the way I have it set up though. The snare Read more [...]

750 Words – Day 8 : On Music as a Business

Ken Brown commented on my previous post saying "Have you thought of putting out more thoughts of 'music as a business'. Too many younger hopefuls believe it's all after show parties, loose women and sleeping in to 3pm." So, Ken, I'll let my fingers do the typing and see what my thoughts on "music as a business" turn out to be.  Here we go…My early years as a drummer were highly influenced by a few DCI music videos that I owned.  The three most influential Read more [...]

Play like John Bonham!

Out of the thousands of drummers that have graced the earth there are only a few with a sound so distinctive that you can recognise them instantly. Out of those few you can probably count on one hand the ones that non-drummers will have heard of. We're pretty much talking Ringo, Keith Moon, Phil Collins, Stewart Copland and John Bonham.All the rest of them are drummer's drummers. I love Vinnie Coliuta, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, etc. etc. but they're pretty much outside the radar of non-drummers. Read more [...]