Thoughts On Practice

This is an email I wrote to a friend while brainstorming ideas about creating a practice routine. I may come back and edit it into a better blog article at some point but I thought it was worth posting in this form in case anybody ever still comes here looking for new articles. ----- I think the shortest route to improving is to practice and make sure you do it every day.  Of course, that requires discipline which might not come easily.  So then you start asking questions about will power Read more [...]

How to get better at what you do

I think I'm right in saying that most drummers would like to be better than they are, and we'd all like to know how to improve. It seems to me that there are two main factors to improving. * information * implementation of that information Information When my first drum teacher began playing the drums he could learn from other teachers, by watching drummers play in bands, by listening to records, or from books. Access to all of these things was limited by geography, finances and availability. By Read more [...]