The Best Shoes For Drumming (and everything else)

Years ago I read a Tim Ferris article that turned me onto Vivo Barefoot shoes and I haven't looked back. Finding comfortable shoes that allow your feet to do what they need to do isn't as easy as you'd think. It was an image like the one below that surprised me. It shows how wearing regular western shoes physically changes the shape of your feet. This can result in all kinds of problems, but the main one is that it stops your feet from working in the way they're supposed to work. Proprioception Proprioception Read more [...]

Developing Bass Drum Control – Technique Notes

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the first in the series on Bass Drum Control.  More videos will be added soon.  Like the Facebook page, subscribe to my RSS feed, or get a free MasterClass account to be notified of new videos when they're posted. One thing I'd love to master is the ability to play bursts of 3 or more notes on the kick with confidence and accuracy.  My right foot is the weakest element in most grooves that I play and I think it's about time I paid more attention to it.  I've been working Read more [...]