Harder than it looks!

I want to know if you find this as difficult as I did. It feels easy to me now, but for 20 mins last night I was finding it pretty tricky. Post in the comments and let me know. The basic swiss 6-stroke roll is two 8th notes followed by four 1/16th notes.  The 8th notes are accented.  I'll put underscores to represent 1/16th note spaces: R_L_rlrl All I'm doing is taking out some, or all of the left hand taps.  Taking them all out gives you: R_L_r_r_ ...which is evenly spaced 8th Read more [...]

Learning hand technique from your better half

If you play matched grip it's likely that one hand feels more comfortable than the other.  We're so used to playing with sticks that it sometimes becomes difficult to notice the differences in your hands. I like to pick up other objects to see if my hands seem to hold them in the same way.  Lighter objects can reveal a lot about how tight your grip is. Check out the video to see what I mean... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhDu2l2DqOE The idea of practising rudiments with brushes came Read more [...]