What Is Bad Drumming?

When I'm playing shows with Wishbone Ash I find myself tuning into the finest details of my playing. I want to play well and feel like I'm doing a good job. If I feel like a back beat was a bit late, or that I rushed a fill, I might end up feeling like I'm getting worse. Depending on my mood such small errors might be brushed off or they might stop me from enjoying the gig altogether. Having watched other bands from out front it's become clear to me that the inaccuracies that I notice Read more [...]

Thoughts On Practice

This is an email I wrote to a friend while brainstorming ideas about creating a practice routine. I may come back and edit it into a better blog article at some point but I thought it was worth posting in this form in case anybody ever still comes here looking for new articles. ----- I think the shortest route to improving is to practice and make sure you do it every day.  Of course, that requires discipline which might not come easily.  So then you start asking questions about will power Read more [...]