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Welcome to

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Do you wonder what to practice?
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You've come to the right place.

I've been playing the drums for over 25 years and I'm still as passionate about it now as I was when I started.
I studied Physics at Durham University and write software for drummers.  Basically I'm a drum geek who likes to figure out how things work and find creative ways to solve problems.

In my lessons you'll find all the tools and techniques I use to overcome obstacles in my own playing.  I hope you'll find them as exciting and inspiring as I do.

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"Your VIP lessons are really helpful, I'm finding my playing improving! Surprising how much you think you know but in reality how little. I've had to sit down and look hard at small things I've overlooked/need to re-eveluate even after 30+years of playing." - MARK DOHERTY